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"Orchid" - the beauty of oriental classic, symbolizes the mother of the earth, bringing vitality and splendid resources;

"Sword" - a symbol of strangulation and offense, as nature’s ruthless counterattack, bringing disaster and death.


The music from Orchid Sword fuses graceful magnificence and radical brutality, explores the relationship between human, nature, and religion. Sometimes it plays the person who greets the greed, sometimes it plays the mother of the earth who shows mercy and forgiveness, and sometimes it is the cruel slaughter of an angry god.


The live performance of Orchid Sword is not only the presentation of metal music, but also a performance with true meaning. The buildup of emotions makes the explosion more powerful. Whether it is the penetration power of the music or the exaggerated performance that expresses emotions, with Orchid Sword, you will be able to experience the true value of a live performance.